Modern Slavery Act Statement

Ei Group plc are the largest pub company in the UK, owning over 4000 properties, predominately run as leased and tenanted pubs by tenants who run their own businesses from the properties but increasingly operated as managed houses under our direct control. We aim to partner with those who are passionate about pubs by granting leases and tenancies to the best publicans, and recruiting high quality, entrepreneurial managers for our managed pubs as well as collaborating with experienced experts in the pub industry.

The Group employs over 1700 people, with the largest base at the Group’s head office in Solihull and increasing numbers employed in our managed houses located throughout England & Wales. Annual revenue in the financial year ended 30 September 2018 was £695m with operating costs before depreciation and amortisation of £413m. The Group spends around £350m of its revenue on goods and services required to carry out its day to day business and this activity is managed by a dedicated procurement team. The procurement team operates in accordance with an agreed policy. That policy includes the requirement to source supplies from approved suppliers and for business to be conducted honestly, ethically and with respect for the rights and interests of the people with whom we do business.  We expect honesty, openness and courtesy for all suppliers and their employees. We conduct business in accordance with our responsible sourcing principles and our code of practice sets out our expectations of suppliers on issues such as pay, working hours, child labour, workers’ rights and representation. In sourcing products from different countries we aim to uphold internationally agreed standards of labour and we expect suppliers to treat employees fairly, honestly and with respect for their human rights. These principles include standards on pay, working hours, working conditions, health & safety, child labour, forced labour, employee representation, equality of treatment, sustainability and animal welfare. We have in place a process to audit suppliers’ adherence to all requirements contained in our code when deemed necessary.

We consider the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking taking place in our supply chain to be low. Notwithstanding that we do recognise the importance of combatting slavery and human trafficking and the duty to tackle these issues. We have a whistleblowing policy under which all staff can report any concerns. Outside of our dedicated human resources and procurement departments we do not have any specific policy or training on slavery or human trafficking but we continually improve ways of working and will develop training for all members of staff who do have procurement and recruitment responsibilities to ensure that they understand the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and the ways they could reach into our Group.

This statement is made pursuant to s54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Ei Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year end 30 September 2018 and by extension is the statement applicable to all subsidiaries in the Group who are required to make a statement, which includes Unique Pub Properties plc and Craft Union Pub Company Limited. This statement has been approved by the board of directors of Ei Group plc.

Simon Townsend
Chief Executive Officer
7 February 2019